Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zoobong & Caliente

Like I mentioned at a previous post, I found on my MHOH this store. Zoobong & Caliente. When I had a look, yesterday, I wasn't so interested, because I had to hurry to find my MHOH sign :) But today, I had a closer look. And this store remainds me on a GAP store in RL and on a Billabong one. The store looks great, simple, but a huge selling space. They hang pants and shirts, so that you can see what you are going to purchase :). It's very helpful for guys like me. Because in clothes and girls I'm very picky. It must look good and shouldn't be a waste of money. I'm very carefully in buying new clothes, because on the pictures it always looks GREAT!, but after it is in your inventory, in a hurry you tp home, because you can't wait to try it and then you get a shock! The pants are too short and it isn't modify!! AGH! Or the shirt is too short and you look like a clown, or the collar doesn't look perfect :( Who doesn't know about all the mistakes and things which can happen when you go shopping. And then I don't wonder any longer, why my inventory reaches the five-figure number.

Ok, the Cali Jeans aren't my favorites, because the waistband is very low. Each one can see my pubic hair!!! (Helllooo?? pubic hair!!?? Never heard the word "shaver"?!) If it should look sexy, then I'm sorry, I don't need to look sexy ;) And it comes with sculpties leg attachments ?!?! No, this isn't something for me. The first time I put on the MHOH gift, the Cali Jeans) I had to suppress the desire to scream out loud. They looked too short for my taste, but then I figured out the sculptie things, but well, didn't change my mind. Anyway, I'm sure there are a lot out there, which love this style. Maybe I'm only too old-fashioned ;). Besides the pants, they have good looking shirts and sweaters and a little amount of hot male skins. It is worth a visit ;).

So enough of my shopping odyssee from today :). I thought about to blog more about men fashion in SL. Whenever I search something in Google, hundreds of women fashion blogs pop up . There are only a handful of men fashion blogs, mostly from their designers themself.

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