Friday, June 19, 2009

A NEW SL Viewer

I'm so impressed about the skills of people. It's amazing what all people can create, if they really want it. Today I got an interesting message from the NPIRL group. A brand new SL viewer would be available. So, what do I? Nosy as I'm :). Got the link and had a closer look. Once I tried out the GreenLife Emerald Viewer, well, it isn't really something for me. From the most features, I never had heard about it! And now there is a new one! Buuuuut! It is more for SL power users :) So this sound more after me.
Check out the new! GEMINI Viewer ;). Skills Hak "borrowed" some features from the Emerald Viewer, but also added new ones. So the GEMINI Viewer has a better stability and render speed and some of the builder restrictions are removed. Soooo you can be more creative :). If you want to see the full list of the features, have a look there :)

Na, this means for me, tonight will be a long night. I will have a closer look to this new Viewer, because I really need one, where I'm not so easily crash :) So, I'm off the check out the new Viewer :) Let me see how long it takes me to crash looool.

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