Sunday, June 21, 2009


I would like to let you know something. I had a talk with a very friendly and wise girl. We talked about SL relationships. Well, I don't know why people talk to me after some minutes about their deepest feelings and believings or about their life. I think it's a skill which I got and wow, sometimes it's hard, because I have also my own issues or problems. But I'm ever patient and be a good listener to those people, because I know, after a very bad experience, how hurtful SL can be.

We talked a long time, and she said something, which remaind me on an always up coming conversation with one of my friends. And I'm sure when she reads this post, she knows exactly that it is for her...My friend always tried to tell me, that she knows me, well, we we met in SL and you can't know someone so good, when you never met the person in RL. But she always keeps saying, "I know my friends very well." And told me I haven't any knowing, I'm naive. Fact is you don't know them, because SL is another world. In SL you can be whatever you want. You can tell stories and no one can figure out if it is a lie or the truth. You don't see the other ones body language or how their voice sound. To say, that you know your friends, only through SL. Is just a simple pure imagination. Some things, of course, you can see and figure out, but you will never know the person behind the screen. Because what would be, when someone very special write you "I love you, you are my soulmate, my other half and I want a future with you?" And behind the screen this person, which tells you these wonderful, romantic words is laughing? Can you read out of these words, that this person really means it serious? Hmm, no. You have to trust their typed words. But you can't see if she is making fun of you. So I would like to share this conversation, because after this talk, I realized, that people, which tells you, they are your friends or they love you so deep and you would be their only one, aren't telling the truth. Of course, their always exist some exceptions. But in my case, it was only hot air, in which I believed.

She: I thought he was perfectly charming, but everyone on SL is charming and handsome....making a relationship work in RL is much harder than in SL....

Me: I agree

She: in SL, I'm not going to gripe about you leaving the toilet seat up, and you're not going to complain about how money i spend on RL, you have *real* issues to deal with, but as well as we think we know people in SL, we don't really know them, KWIM?

I hope and I wish you, that this never will happen to you. It broke me and it took a big part of me away, because I need a long time to trust someone. The one knew it and saw me as a challenge, to demostrate that she can get each one which she wants. Watch out for such people in SL, their are a lot of dazzlers outside.

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