Thursday, June 18, 2009

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Hehe, na this isn't so easy as it sound :) Soooooo...Ha! I want you to show you my new bedroom. I got a very precious gift from one of my closest friends. A new bed! Loool Yeah! No kidding! It looks awesome! Not that my old one looked boring or so, no! The new one is a "The Loft" bed, so any questions now? No? So all of you know about the adorable furnitures at "The Loft"? Good! Because the creator is a amazing, adorable, great, a genius! Colleen Desmoulins, hmmm the name alone sounds after creativity and competence.

Once I remeber, Krissy, which is now the CSR at "The Loft", showed me the little store. That was easily months ago loool. And now? Look, how BIG it got! WOW! Normally I haven't any interest in furniture or so, when I have a SL gf I let her free hand in furnitures and how the house should look, because I want that she feels comfy :). And so I'm not a specialist in prefabs and the whole furniture product line. But I can say, I love "The Loft"! Loool *dk*

Honestly, I don't know why she gifted me with a PG one?! Looool Well, I think she only takes care of me :). She knows how breakable my heart is. But anyway, I finally removed my old one and also the other furniture, which I bought at "Oasis Furniture" and came with all in one box. So very handy for guys like me loool. Maybe I should have a look for a SL gf? Which styles my house?! Hmmmm....NO! If I need help I have my lovely BFF :) I hope one day she doesn't get annoyed from all the IM's (Sorry, Babe)

I also have to say, hunts are not so bad :). I'm just into the MHOH (Make Him Over Hunt), ok, ok, at the moment I'm stucked at the NOSOTR@S store. Pfff I don't find this silly sign *sigh* But I don't give up :) Because the prizes are awesome, skins, animations, poses, clothes, eyes! And all these from very good designers :) and so good quality freebies :).

Bed: The Loft - Sharon Platform Bed (PG) Touch Pillows for color menu and mattress for animations (only 21 prims!)

Little frame: Photo frame M slider 2 prims colour script on

Picture behind the bed: House on the Hill - Monroe Snook (one of my favorite Sl artist, besides Eves Rodenberger, join her group "Art Maniacs" and you will recieve a lot of useful information about art and also group gifts :))

Clothes: Pants !ZB: Zoo Jeans [Navy] found at Zoobong & Caliente, Alphamale - Polo shirt - Brown promotional item 1 (gift from the MHOH) found at Alphamale & Blacklace (since 2007 in SL) and the necklace I found at LacieCakes awwww it's such a cute one :)

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