Monday, June 15, 2009


Describe what your perfect Second Life day would be like. Hmm, this is todays topic at BBBC 2009. *sigh* My perfect SL day...Wow, I thought the whole day about this, but it is really hard loool So well, I will start with a day off of RL work, getting something to drink, preparing for a wonderful, relaxing day in SL on my couch ;) And now the important click on my mouse and...ta tarata!!! SL viewer is open and tries to get a handshake with the region, where I want to log in...normally my home position ;)

Everything is rezzing slow :( Na, I'm using my laptop for SL, so no wonder that it is soooooo slow. After checking out my baby chickens, which are btw. soooooo cute and so handsome. I'm used, when I log in, to go downstairs of my adorable, but very empty looking house :(, to my cute chickens and then I stay in the middle of my living room and wait until they come to me and cuddle with my feets. Once I visited the chickens of my friend and she told me they don't like her, they always try to escape...Hmmm, maybe the reason is, because you have them outside, locked in a little space. And I think it is the same with women, one or two in a room are handy, but more as 2 is very dangerous :) It could be that they don't like each other..That they are jealous, because one has a better looking as the other one, or the other one has a softer skin as the other one...well, who know's what they are thinking.

Oooohhhh! Na, better back to my topic of this day :) Ok, I'm already logged into SL and my cute chickens made me feel loved. Fact at the moment they are the only one which make me feeling this, but anyway. That's another pair of shoes ;) I seldom have a look on my friendslist to see who is online. So I'm very excited when I get an IM :) So now don't hestitate to IM me (you know now how much i love it KIDDING!)

My perfect SL day is this day, when I have a faster, better computer with an amazing graphic card and high speed internet access :) Ok, this is now a dream loool No, I always try to make each time/day in SL perfect :) I hang out with my dear friends, play the truthball (created by Leesa Donner) This truthball game is wonderful, it is the perfect thing to know each other better, because you have to answer the questions with all one's heart.

And the questions are very funny ;) You should try it! I like to visit new places and there is nothing better, as to walk around and take your time for getting a perfect view for a picture :) Yes, I need my time for the perfect shot. Well, I don't know, maybe I'm used to it, but I go there by my own. Let my avatar standing and cam around to find a good view. Then I try different windlight settings for skies and water. And of course THIS finally takes their time. Oh and when I'm done I'll change to my NEW! Photoshop version 7! Awwww I'm so excited with it, until now I used Photoshop 6 and you can't do all with it :( And so I had to make changes, this was one of it :)

Annnnnnd later, when I'm done, I have a look at some romantic ballroom places. No, not for that what you think! I seldom, very seldom dance! Pffff Oh well, with the years I feel it in my legs, you know? And so I prefer to stand a little bit far away from the dancefloor and then I do that, what I never thought I would do. I read profiles! Loooool Yeah, I become a profile stalker! There are so many good ones, interesting ones and it is perfect to find new interesting places. So I think this all describes very well my vision of a perfect SL day ;)

OH! I almost had forgotten the most important thing, which makes a SL day to a perfect see and to talk to my BFF :) Yes! this all is all I need for a perfect SL day.....Folks, thank you for reading this topic and to be still in front of you screens...Hmmm *knock knock* HEY! Wake up! The post is done! :)

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