Monday, June 22, 2009


YEAH!! I got new boots!! Hmm, either now you think I'm crazy or you think ?!?! Well, I accept both thinking :). As the usual guys, I own only 2 or 3 shoes. Na, these are, of course, good quality shoes. I remember, that I bought them some months ago at REDGRAVE. A very good quality store for both, femal and male. I also found a lot cute outfits there. Some shirts, jeans and such stuff :). Redgrave works with sculpties, so they fit better on your feets. And as you know from a previous post, shoes are the first eye catcher for women ;).
Today, I were again on my hunt. Na, until now I found 117 Make Him Over Hunt signs. I guess, that is a good thing, because some stores hide them very very good and also they edit the signs, some to another color and some to another size. Then it is mostly impossible to find them! Does nobody tell them?!?! But anyway, I found very great boots at Covet. There you find the stores, EXILE, Shine and Treads. The boots are directly at the landing point and called KBoots, made by Ju Weissnicht. You can get them in brown or in black. Well, I choose black, because black matches with each outfit. So with black you are always on the safe side. They are around 400 L$. Sure it is a little bit expensive only for boots. Buuuuut, You don't get only one pair of boots! You get boots in the sizes S, M, L, XL, XS and they are copy/mod. These boots are 6 prims each and they use only Ju Weissnicht own original sculpties and hand painted textures. Also he uses a for me new word for scultpies, mirrored sculpties. The notecard tells, you should have the latest viewer version to show them. If you haven't any idea about mirrored sculpties like me, here is an explanation. So now you still think they aren't the money worth??? Na, thought so and sometimes also we guys have to make a bigger purchase ;). Not only girls can spend hundreds of L$ for only shoes.
Well, after such a stressful, power eating hunt, I guess, I deserve some rest on my NEW! rug ;). My dear friend Kaja Lurra showed me an interesting store. There you get a lot of cool furniture and adorable sparkling candlesticks ;). I fell in love with them , after the first sight. I'm a romantic nature and such candles fill my romantic heart :) The whole set, as you can see on the picture above, can you get only for around 250 L$. Where? At LOST DAWN urban creations. Kaja bought a whole set of furniture included the carpet, table, chair and couch for only 500 L$. The furniture comes with lovely and well done animations. The creator hasn't a lot things in his store, but the stuff which you can see there is amazing. Raki Barbosa plays with sounds, shadows and lightings on objects. Which make them more unique.
Im so fascinated of these sparkling candlesticks. You can get them seperate for around 150 L$ and they are copy ;). So the LOST DAWN Rug set includes rug, sparkling candlestick, 1 pillow with single sitting and laying animations and with 2 pillows for couple sitting and laying animations. You only have to press the arrow down button, like you do it at the Pillow Talk creations, to change positions :). But back to this sparkling candlestick, when you click on it, the candles inflame and their light illuminates your room, one further click and the flames strew out little soft sparklings and makes your time together with your love one more special :). It makes the saying "I get the stars from the sky for you" more effective.

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