Thursday, June 18, 2009

Poses, poses, poses, poses, poses,....

I have a horrible faible for poses. Not each one. Pfff Good ones! Ones where you have a look and it take your breath away. Which you can use with your love one for taking adorable memories :). I was addiceted to MEYA poses. Wonderful ones! And remember my SL time which I spent at MEYA's store, to get a new pose from the lucky chair? Looool These poses took my breath away. But yesterday, everything changed in my cute poses world :( There are other stores out there, which have also wonderful, adorable, breath taking poses!!!! Oh my gosh! I had my view so focused on MEYA's poses, that I didn't recognized there are still other good ones in SL :). I found 2, which I really adore and would like to share with you. :) I love the meaning of such poses, what they want to express...feelings, emotions and the invisible bound between the persons on the balls.

Awesome dance poses :) by Essential Soul Studios

This one is so lovely by Essential Soul Studios

(also a lot of femal and male single poses for your AO at this store)

And also some very intimitate ones by Essential Soul Studios

(btw. the right one was the Couple PosesPhoto Contest Winner May 09)

The 2nd one, which I would like to share with you, is B & F - Poseworx. There you can find also a lot of single poses for your Ao, or wonderful, detailed and cute couple poses :).

Aren't they cute?

Awww. I love the left one, It's one of my 100 favorites :)

I love to do that in RL too :)

What about "Dirty Dancing"?

I always stopped breathing at this scene in the movie :)

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