Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Oh my gosh! It caught me!! ME???!! Which I'm not very deep into fashion in SL at all! Pfff. Well, I guess, it is my destiny ;). But, indeed, I start to like this destiny.
Good news in the beginning: I'm done with the Make Him Over Hunt :) Yes, I can't believe it, but I found all 150 signs. I'm good? Loool Yeah :). Now, the most work starts, because someone has to open all the gift boxes and, sure, I have to know, how these clothes and things look on my cute avi ;).
So here some pics. Be happy, that I don't share with you the worst ones loooool.

Isn't it a super cool shirt??? Please notice these super cool fighting hand wraps ;) Looks really bloody Got it at Fierce Design

OH! This one is one of my favorites :) Got it at KIWI

Also this one, I don't want to hide from you :). It's funny, though. Got it at iPOP

But also I found a really cool store ;). It is my new favorite one. Bete Noire Clothier. Amazing good looking clothes. Underwear, shirts, sweaters and shoes. And the prices aren't in any way high. Well, as you know, good quality has their price ;).

Here you can see me wearing the Bete Noire - wool coat noire. It's like the sailer coats, in case you know them. The package contains, the wool coat, the shirt with tie and the pants. All this for only 500 L$! Well, the boots you already know. KBoots - black and on my head? Well, I tried out some hairs from the MHO Hunt, called F-Hayden (chocolate black) loool Doesn't I look cute? Like a little sailer, which has got some shore leave :). Ok, should use the time on land for a better hair cut loooool

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