Saturday, June 13, 2009

Eves Rodenberger

I just met a famous adorable SL Photographer. I adore her work. Eves Rodenberger ;) We met by accident at the hoorenbeek store :) Well, when you wondering what I'm doing at hoorenbeek, hmm well...I'M on the hunt! loool But this time it's a hunt only for males :) Isn't it fantastic?! Normally I run around and search for lips or whatever. This time I joined a male hunt in SL! And I can only say wwwoooooooohhhoooooo!!!!!!! Great stuff! If you are interested in this hunt, have a look at MADesign, where all starts ;) The hunt is running until 30th of June so enough time for me to find ALL things. For more informations and updates visit their website, MAKE HIM OVER :) What a cool name for a male hunt loool

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